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IH&RA Press Release

Press Release,May 7th,2017


IH&RA,the international Hotel & Restaurants Association will be held its 53th congress in HANGZHOU-CHINA

Hangzhou, China. The President of IH&RA Dr. Ghassan AIDI sign an agreement with Mrs Han Ming President of China Hospitality Association to held their 53th congress in Hangzhou where G20 met on their summit on September 20.2016 at the Dragon Hotel (hotel of the summit G20).

The China Hospitality Association leader of the hospitality in China will Launch the process of certifying most of 100,000 Hotels and apply the criteria for sustainable development of IHRA′exclusive label ″THE EMERAUDE HOTEL‶, The process will take one to two-year maximum.

IHRA welcome the decision of China Hospitality Association and will have an office in Beijing or Shanghai this year to start the process of certification of the EMERAUDE HOTEL.

″The measures adopted by GSTC in 2008 where IH&RA was the Only Hotelier to participate with 26 Other NGO to define 120 criteria for sustainable development. IHRA reduce these criteria to 100 and certify their member under EMERAUDE HOTEL. We will certify most of our members before 2020 and then certified their members. will be an example of other hospitality sectors worldwide to follow up before 2020‶ say Dr AIDI.CHA is taking this major step towards great sustainability in China and will be a great example for other Asian countries to follow their example. We have contact in Croatia and Bosnia and we are trying with Lebanon to have their hotels adhering to the Emeraude Hotel program.

Two other issues will be negotiated and presented, China will propose to several Hotels management companies thousands of hotels for franchising or Operation and Management. ″this is a great opportunity for all Hotels chain medium size or smaller to come to China and start to operate hotels, this is a UNIQUE opportunity for the European, South American and Americans Hotels chain to be present at the congress‶ mention Dr AIDI, The President. Another issue will be negotiated the Partnership between major Chinese restaurants and International investor for a partnership in their country to introduce the World to the Chinese Gourmet food.

We will welcome all Hoteliers and restaurateurs worldwide to attend this very important congress that will present a unique opportunity for connecting with Chinese Hoteliers where they can exchange their ideas and their brands.

Press contact: IHRA, Jack Nader email=admin@ih-ra.comwww.ih-ra.org

Press Release,April 16th,2017


IH&RA,the international

Global association of hotels and restaurants,invitedbyUMIHforitsExecutive Board

Paris, France The Executive Board of IH&RA,gathered around its President Dr Ghassan AIDI and the different Board members China, Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, USA , the Mediterranean Association of Hotels and Restaurants(MH&RA)was held in UMIH's offices.The Executive Board has given alarge part of its debates to the global pheno men on of the pseudo- collaborative economy, which has negative effects on the hospitality industry but also on the neighbor hoodandcities.The IHRA President remind everybody that the first meeting of IHRA after the 2nd world war was in this room of UMIH head office in 1947

The French advances, presented by UMIH, were welcomed by the IH&RA ,which considers that the balance found in France with the law LEMAIRE(registration number, identification of the renter's status, control of the length of stay with 120days for the main residences),the 2017 Finances Act (automatic income transmission)and the Social Security Finance Law 2017(social contributions for incomes above 23,000€)is a real innovation,very promising.

"The measures adopted by France are major steps towards greater transparency. If fully implemented and enforceable by the Government, France will be an example to follow form any countries that are now trying to regulate the sepractices for fair competition between all actors of the accommodation sector.These decrees must be published as soona s possible.This will enable the global hospitality industry,which employs and recruit smillions of employees everyday,to of ferequivalent solutions to these global platforms such as Airbnbor HomeAway. We are the last barrier against the povertyby training,hiring,recruiting thousands of people everyday, and paying competitive wages ."said Dr.Ghassan AIDI,President of IH&RA.

"Very pleased to welcome the hoteliers and restaurateurs from all over the world for the third time at UMIH's office sand to share with them the same visions of the future of the profession",Roland HEGUY,Confederal President of UMIH, deplored "The blocking of the publication of decrees while the vote was unanimous in Parliament.France has the opportunity to show the way to transparent information for the customer,fair competition while respecting the existing regulations.Let's not pass by."

"Two decrees are particularly expected by the profession,they aim to apply two articles of the law LEMAIRE:

  • Article 49 on the identification of the renter(private/professional) which will appear on the advertisement, thus enabling the consumer to distinguish between the actual collaborative activity and the industrial activity,and the municipalities to reinforce their controls.
  • Article 51 on the registration of rentals that the municipalities may decide to setup and the registration number to appear on the advertisements.This registration number will allow the may or stohavean over all knowledge of the tourism offer and to ensure an effective control of the rentals.

Press contact: IHRA, Jack Nader email=admin@ih-ra.com

Lausanne, Switzerland, 20 January 2014

IH&RA launches new website

In a step complementing the overall change witnessed under the new board of directors, the International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA) launched a new website highlighting the association's proposed changes to its statutes, membership fees and other steady measures towards a stronger IH&RA role.

"The new website is built to constantly make "room" available for all the hospitality industry players to interact with the IH&RA and communicate issues that need heads up to ensure a smooth flow of this vital business and maximise its contribution to national economies" said Casimir Platzer, IH&RA President. He added: "Realising the importance of unifying efforts with hotel and restaurant associations and chains worldwide triggered the changes we, as board of directors, are undertaking. These include, beside the new website, an attractive membership fees scheme allowing more associations and organizations to become IH&RA members and hence have a stronger influence on how their business is shaped. This and other changes shall be announced in our upcoming General Assembly meeting next March".

The IH&RA General Assembly will be held in Interlaken, Switzerland, during the annual congress from 10 to 12 March 2014, where a number of issues will be subject to panel discussions. These include mainly online distribution and sustainability.

INTERNATIONAL HOTEL & RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION (General Assembly 2016 " The Next Generation ")

May 20th 2016-The Board of Directors and the General Assembly metin Barcelona toelecta new President and a New Board after the resignation of the President for Personal reasons.After debating for one Day the Board of Director spropose to the General Assembly unanimously the nomination of Dr. Ghassan AIDI former President 2007-2013 as a President,decision approved again unanimously by the General Assembly for a period of 4years starting May 21,2016.

President Dr Ghassan AIDI thank the Board and the General Assembly for their trust for the second time as he already serve as President from 2006 to 2013, when he decide not to run again and bring other new spirit to the Association. Dr AIDI declare "I am ready to assume again this important responsibility of Keeping IHRA vibrant to face all the challenges facing the Hospitality Industry.

here mind the Assembly that he did found in Barcelona last year Mediterenean hotels and restaurants association a small association with members from 24 countries only and he will beglad to share his time between both association.

President Dr AIDI propose to keep the Head office in Geneva as IHRA is a Swiss Association and move the operations to Barcelona,a city going toward the futur of the Worldwide tourism and Hospitality.

IHRA President will nominate the Board and present it in September 2016.

INTERNATIONAL HOTEL & RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION (Participation at MED A WEEK 2016 Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders)

September 05,2016 - The International Hotels and restaurant Association is a partner with ASCAME and Cambra de commerc de Barcelona for Launching the 10th edition of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders in Barcelona-SPAIN.

During this week IHRA will be leading the 2nd Mediterranean Hospitality Forum that will be held on December 1,2016 where the President Dr. Ghassan AIDI will address a Keynote speech about the Actual Situation of the Hospitality worldwide specially in this region as the Hospitality industry is very important to support the tourism sector expected to welcome hundreds of million visitors per year pouring at the Hotels . MHRA a member of IHRA will be co-organizing this event and several Board members will be addressing several issues of sustainable development, new trend in Hospitality,etc..

IHRA will held its first Board of Directors meeting after several nominations by the President on December 2nd in Barcelona.