• THE WORLD OF HOSPITALITY: 10,000,000 restaurants 500,000 Hotels 100,000,000 Employees    ONLY ONE ASSOCIATION COVER THEM
  • INTERNATIONAL HOTEL AND RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION        Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, Washington, Buenos Aires,Beijing,Beirut

IH&RA History

January 1869, 45 Hotelmen met together in Koblenz at Hotel Trier, Germany and decide to create an Alliance between them under the name of All Hotelmen Alliance (AHA) to defend their interest, and they start to grow and get organized. Hotels were from different standards.

April 1921 various Local European, African, Latin, American hotels association met together and decide to merge into a new international Association and its become INTERNATIONAL HOTELS ALLIANCE (IHA).

November 1947, after the end of the second world war and the creation of the United Nations, Hoteliers from International Hotels Alliance met together with The European Aubergistes association and the Asian Innkeepers Association and decide to merge into a large International Association to defend the Private sector worldwide from Governments, Public sectors, Military etc‥․and create International Hotels Association (IHA) in London.

September 23 1949, the French Government registered IHA and grant a status of Public Utility Association and Non profit status (law 109). The Head Office move from London to Paris to establish their quarter in the Heart of Paris in a Building of 5 floors.

December 1949, the Argentinean Government recognized IHA and gave her a status of a nonprofit organization under the name of Associasion Internacional de hosteleria.

May 1950, the West German Government recognize IHA and gave a status of nonresident Association under the name of Internationaler Hotelverband.

On November 1, 1953 the United Nations Economic and Social council gave IHA the status of consultative representing the Hoteliers Worldwide and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development grant IHA as a Permanent Observer status. October 1960, The New York Hotels Association ask to join IHA and become the first US association to join IHA and become a full member.

January 1978, New By-laws and Articles of incorporation came into effect Worldwide and for the first time All Worldwide members met and did vote to adopt them and were into effect up to 2008 (30 year).

November 1, 1997, IHA merge with International organization of Hotels and restaurants and they became together under one Association International Hotels and Restaurants Associations (IHRA) still up today.

On January 1, 2008 The new President decide to move the Head Office to Switzerland with adoption of new Articles of Corporations and By Laws till today.

IH&RA is located now in Geneva,paris and barcelona and soon in washington DC.

The Swiss Government also register IH&RA in February 2008 with new adopted status.

On March 1995, United Nations admit IH&RA.

On May 2016 Dr Ghassan AIDI was nominated President for 4 years move the head office to Geneva where IH&RA is registered and register an office in Paris and Barcelona and working to register a Branch in Washington DC.