• THE WORLD OF HOSPITALITY: 10,000,000 restaurants 500,000 Hotels 100,000,000 Employees    ONLY ONE ASSOCIATION COVER THEM
  • INTERNATIONAL HOTEL AND RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION        Geneva, Paris, Barcelona, Washington, Buenos Aires,Beijing,Beirut

What are our achievements?

Protecting Your Bottom Line

- Ensured Flexibility of Working Conditions.- Opposed Redundant & Costly Standards & Regulations.

- Protected Members' Interest on "International Hotels Standardization".

- Fought Increased Copyright Licensing Fees.

- Battled Trademark Violations.

Spearheading Other Initiatives

- Sustainable Development of Tourism via the IH&RA Annual Environmental Award with UNEP and publications and training packs like "Sowing the Seeds of Change".

- Co-Created World Heritage Site Hotel Programme (Memories of the Future Restoration Project with UNESCO).

- Founding Co-drafter of "ECPAT Code" of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Exploitation in Travel Tourism.

- Safety in the Workplace

- HIV / AIDS in the Workplace, published with UN / AIDS.

Recognised Experts in Our Field

- Contributed to Hospitality Statistics & Research.

- Published the joint IH&RA/WTO Report on Hotel Classification the only comparative analysis and inventory of worldwide hotel classification schemes.

- Served as Expert Advisor to Countries on Hotel Classification Systems.