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How does Advocacy work?

Being a membership-driven not-for-profit organisation, IH&RA works through a series of Councils focusing the expertise of its members on issues considered of vital importance to membership and to the industry generally. These councils identify issues, set priorities and propose future action.


They are:

* NACE - National Association Chief Executives – Council

* Chains Council

* Global Councils

These Councils make recommendations to the Board of Directors, the main executive organ of the IH&RA. The Board provides strategic direction to the Association, deliberates on recommendations for action from the Councils and reviews IH&RA activities and management. The Board meets three times a year, once in conjunction with the Annual Congress and twice in stand-alone meetings.

The Board of Directors makes recommendations to the General Assembly, the supervisory organ of the Association. The General Assembly meets annually to review the activities and management of the Association, elect its President, Vice-Presidents and officers forming the Board of Directors. The General Assembly approves the accounts of the previous year and the budget for the coming year as well as membership fees. It also approves new members, resignation and dismissal of members.