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Achievements in Advocacy


Flexibility of Working Conditions: IH&RA has gained formal ILO recognition of the shortage of skilled labour in the Hotel, Catering & Tourism (HCT) sector ; and of the need to address the international mobility of workers in the sector (including visas issues and national quota restrictions). IH&RA was also successful in toning down the points on subcontracting and part-time employment and in directing the future work of the ILO towards topics such as training, skills development and data collection.

IH&RA successfully blocked a worker resolution at ILO requiring industry employers to reach “collective agreements” with employees and trade unions before introducing any technological changes in the workplace. In an earlier move, IH&RA also opposed the ILO proposal for part-time workers to receive the same benefits as full-time workers.

Statistics & Research: IH&RA is recognised by WTO as the first and foremost point of contact for hospitality industry expertise. Through IH&RA advocacy, the improvement of labour statistics and research into the labour market has become an official item on the current ILO Action Plan for the HCT sector.

Macro-Economic Measurement of Tourism - IH&RA has consistently lobbied WTO to ensure that current revisions of the macro-economic classification of hotel and restaurant product and activity reflect new developments (casino hotels, resorts, timeshare). This will ensure that the contribution of the hospitality industry to Tourism GDP can be accurately tracked.

Food Safety: IH&RA has successfully opposed WTO Tourism moves to create yet another food safety standard deemed unnecessary and redundant for hotels and restaurants.

Food Safety Management Standard – IH&RA has lobbied and secured Official Liaison Status to represent the Hospitality Industry on ISO Technical Committee 34 (Food Products) to ensure hospitality interests are recognized as separate from those of the retail sector in implementation of the standard.

Sustainable Development of Tourism: IH&RA has successfully positioned the hospitality industry as an environmental player at the UN Environment Progamme and secured UNEP involvement in IH&RA Environmental Award, showcasing hospitality industry environmental achievements, now in its 13th year.

Sustainability Performance Indicators for Tour Operators: IH&RA has ensured Hospitality interests were taken into account in this initiative facilitated by UNEP and resisted attempts by Tour Operators to “pass the buck” by setting limits to hospitality operator responsibility.

World Heritage Site hotel programme – IH&RA has promoted UNESCO Memories of the Future programme designed to enhance and restore key cultural heritage sites around the world and secured participation of key hotel chain members (eg. Accor, Radisson). This provides an effective marketing tool while also demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Obesity/Healthy Lifestyles: IH&RA is fighting for recognition of the hospitality industry as separate from the retail food industry. This is essential particularly for food labeling and health claims, now under hot discussion at WHO and Codex Alimentarius.

Copyright & Neighbouring rights - Through observer status at WIPO, IH&RA ensures hospitality industry is aware of proposed new developments in copyright law potentially impacting the hospitality industry (eg. reception of webcasting and cablecasting in hotel bedrooms). Currently lobbying to have Collective Rights Management put on the WIPO agenda.

Hotel Classification - IH&RA is the leading expert on hotel classification systems. The joint IH&RA/WTO Report on Hotel Classification is the only inventory of existing hotel classification schemes around the world. IH&RA has consulted for several countries wishing to develop and implement hotel classification systems. As a result of IH&RA advocacy work, WTO has formally abandoned any plans to develop an “international hotel classification scheme" overwhelmingly rejected by the industry as unfeasible.

Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children - Through continued participation in international work, IH&RA ensured drafting of a viable Code to which the hospitality industry could adhere. IH&RA has actively promoted this Code to Chain Membership. Signatories to the Code include Carlson Hospitality, Cham Palaces & Resorts.

GATS - By lobbying WTO Tourism on macro-economic classification of the hotel & restaurant industry, IH&RA has ensured consistency of treatment of the industry in all economic instruments. This will improve economic reporting on the industry - an invaluable lobbying tool for the sector at national and international level.

Why you need to be involved - IH&RA is the officially recognized voice for the hotel and restaurant industry worldwide. If you want to have an influence on the message IH&RA brings to the UN and its specialized agencies, and ensure that your company interests are protected, you must join and participate. These issues can impact your bottom line today and tomorrow. Let your voice be heard!