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Why is IH&RA's Voice Imporant?

IH&RA is a recognised and respected partner on the international scene, owing its credibility to its broad membership base (ranging from SMEs at the grass roots level via the national hotel & restaurant associations the world over to independent hotels and restaurants to international corporations via the chains). IH&RA monitors international debates and ensures that members and the industry at large are made aware of issues and initiatives under discussion at the international level.

This membership network provides an invaluable consultation/survey mechanism to ascertain the views of the hospitality industry. IH&RA works through a series of Councils focusing the expertise of its members on issues considered of vital importance to membership and to the industry generally (NACE, Chains & Global Councils). This network also solidly backs IH&RA's claim to be the "voice" of the hospitality industry worldwide. No-other hospitality organization can make this claim. This is a powerful asset for IH&RA in carrying out its advocacy role .

As a result, IH&RA views and participation are regularly sought by these agencies which only invite representation from recognised institutional partners. IH&RA is an officially registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) granted Status II by the UN's Economic & Social Committee (ECOSOC).

IH&RA's reputation is based on the quality of its industry representatives, of its published research and contributions to the work of the international agencies, both at meetings and conferences.

IH&RA's effectiveness is based on the quality of its relations with the inter-governmental organizations and the breadth of its contacts at the international level.