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Mon, 22 January 2018 -Residence Inn and Courtyard Los Angeles L.A. LIVE - United States, Los Angeles, CA

The Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) 2018

Mon, 22 January 2018 -JW Marriott and Microsoft Theatre - United States, Los Angeles, CA

ENTER2018 eTourism Conference Jönköping

Tue, 23 January 2018 -Congress Center Elmia - Jönköping , Sweden

HTNG 2018 Middle East Conference

Tue, 23 January 2018 -Jumeirah Mina A'Salam - Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Modern PMS: The Ultimate Hotel Revenue Generator | By Jos Schaap

Every hotel owner and manager strives for the same goal: delight guests while generating significant revenue and profits. But achieving this holy grail often proves elusive. Many hotels still perceive the property management systems (PMS) as a cost center. Quite the contrary. Today's modern cloud-based PMS platforms have the potential to increase the productivity of y...

Fri, 19 January 2018

Using Outdoor Elements to Improve Hotel Design | By Victoria Lim

When it comes to businesses, there aren't many that rely as heavily on first impressions as hotels do. The Wow Effect that your hotel can have on a first-time guest is something that can last a while and can certainly play a huge role when the said guest is deciding whether to return to your hotel or not. The biggest part of the first impression in the hotel business ...

Fri, 19 January 2018

6 Things that I Learned in the first week of my MBA at UET International and personal reflections on them | By Alexia Charoupa

It's the value proposition that you offer, not the price. Money does not assume such a big role in decision-making when is connected to emotions, when, in other words, money is psychology. Hence, the interesting bid is how we are mixing different elements, package them in the price and give value to the customer by satisfying his needs: ...

Fri, 19 January 2018

The Life of a Hotel Doctor - Japanese Never Travel Alone | By Mike Oppenheim, M.D.

The room contained four young men and extra beds, on one of which lay my patient looking miserable with a wet washrag on his forehead....

Fri, 19 January 2018